Established in 2001 in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania,  DMJ Transportation (DMJ)  started as a modest operation with one van, a single district and two students. Since then, DMJ has grown into a company with 250 employees, contracting with 17 districts and organizations, transporting over 9,000 students to 93 schools.  Outgrowing the home office, DMJ now has four terminals located in Mount Pleasant, Greensburg, Latrobe and Norvelt


Designed to accommodate “total transportation”, the 250 vehicle fleet offers a variety of vehicle options ranging from seven to 84 passenger school buses. The company can transport a single student to school or a football team to “Friday Night Lights.” 


School districts we service include: Greensburg Salem, Mount Pleasant Area, Latrobe, Hempfield Area, Greensburg Central Catholic, Geibel Catholic, Monessen, Canon Macmillan, Fayette Headstart and the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit.


keep safety first

All employees undergo an extensive background check, and are subject to routine drug and alcohol testing. DMJ's Safety Department is spearhead by a retired state trooper of 20+ years, who oversees a six member maintenance staff to ensure all vehicles exceed the highest safety standards. In addition, all vehicles;

  • Undergo annual inspection by the PA State Police

  • Are inspected semi-annually by state certified experts

  • Are equipped with state of the art safety features.

The safety department is also made up of a 10-member safety committee, ranging from drivers to managers, to DMJ's mascot Safety Bus Gus. Safety Bus Gus and DMJ's safety committee meet monthly to review the company's overall safety efforts. 

DMJ Transportation employs state certified trainers to provide the safest drivers to its community. All employees undergo the following trainings:

•Defensive Driving

•Special Needs and Student Behavior

•Pediatric CPR and American Red Cross First Aid

•Mandated Reporter

Employees are educated on how to be proactive about vehicle maintenance with pre and post trip inspections. Drivers are trained to monitor fluid levels and tire pressure, and ensure proper functioning of all safety features. Our maintenance team conducts weekly spot checks, enabling us to have the safest fleet on the road.


DMJ vehicles are equipped with:

•State of the art 2 or 4 camera system

Two-way radios

•Child check systems

•Automatic shut off features

•8 way flashing lights - When the bus stops and students are either getting on or off the bus, the red flashing lights activate.  State law requires all  traffic must stop including at four-way intersections. 


Every DMJ vehicle has GPS tracking software, allowing us to see the location of the bus at any point in time.

The software tracks the speed and status of a vehicle, see fuel and fluid levels, ensure seat belt usage and other essential safety features, and provides a peace of mind for parents that their student is never out of reach.


DMJ Transportation utilizes the most up-to-date technology to deliver exceptional service to parents and districts.

Our award-winning software enables us to create cost efficient school bus routes that reduces student ride times and optimizes school bus locations.  The routing software allows for adjustments, helps determine the best route for the bus to travel, and increases overall operating efficiency. 


SafeStop’s easy-to-use school bus tracking app allows parents to securely track their child’s bus location with preset geo-fenced stops, both to and from school, while staying informed of last minute chages.

The in-demand school bus tracking app, Safestop is only available to the Mount Pleasant Area School District.

DMJ Transportation strives to be an active, integral part of its schools and communities. 

DMJ provides pro-bono transportation services, field trip transportation grants, program funding and community contributions to local organizations.

DMJ Transportation started a rebate program in 2017 that allows the company to give back to the districts that make it a success.


Every year, DMJ will donate a percentage of a district's contract back to the school for improvements or student program development. Funds have been used for a variety of projects such as:

  • Student Training programs

  • Field trip competitions

  • Summer camps

  • School Equipment

  • Food 2 Go Project

  • Caring Closets Project

  • Student behavior efforts

  • Summer reading programs

Since the program started,  the company has donated $98,500 to 10 different school districts.

In 2017, DMJ Transportation started to reduce its carbon footprint by transitioning its fleet to propane powered school buses. Propane vehicles provide a more comfortable and quiet ride, reduce harmful toxins inhaled by students, and decrease transportation costs for the district, resulting in savings for the taxpayers. We believe in being good for the environment, and are constantly searching for new initiatives to be a "green company".


Bus drivers are responsible for student safety, and propane school buses help them do that. Compared to diesel vehicles, alternate fuel vehicles provide a quiet, more comfortable ride, allowing the driver to better focus on the road. Propane buses also provide superior cold-weather performance, ensuring safe travel in all types of weather.


Smaller students are the same height as the buses exhaust system, placing them face to face with black smoke everyday.

When schools transition to propane vehicles, it lessens a students exposure to dangerous diesel exhausts. In additional, propane vehicles do not aggravate symptoms related to asthma or other breathing-related issues.


Propane buses provide a cheaper alternative for districts. With those savings, the district can allocate funds to what students need most such as classroom materials, athletic equipment and art supplies. Savings are also used for special education programs and hiring educators that will decrease class size to deliver a more personalized teaching approach to studens.